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洛阳天天旅行社有限公司 成立于2012年 ,是经国家旅游局批准、市工商局登记注册,并交纳足额旅游质量保证金的股份制有限公司 。目前是中国旅游协会(CTA)、中国旅行社协会(CATS)、洛阳旅行社协会的会员单位。

LuoYang TianTian Tour Travel Agent Limited Liability Company had been established in 2012, which is approved by the National Travel Bureau, an d registers in the bureau of Industry an d Commerce with the total sum payment quality earnest money. Our company is the member units of China Tourism Association (CTA), China Travel Association (CATS), Luoyang travel agency association, vice President of units.

公司以散客游和自驾游为主打,承接国内旅游、入境旅游、会议会展服务、机票销售、旅游车队出租等旅游综合业务。公司拥有一批从事旅游工作多年,业务娴熟的专业管理人员及一支训练有素的导游队伍。我们秉承“认真服务好每一位客人”的服务宗旨,结合洛阳国际文化旅游名城的战略发展目标,依托洛阳古老的人文资源及丰富的自然资源,为 每一位 顾客提供全方位定制旅游服务。

Our company is given priority to individual tours an d self-driving travel , to undertake domestic, overseas tourism ,conference exhibition services ,ticket sales as well as other team tourism integrated services. We have a group personnel who are engaged in tourism business skilled professional management an d well-trained guide team with rich working experience. We adhering to provide the serious good services for every guest, combiningLuoyangcity’s international cultural an d tourism city strategic development goals, relying on local ancient cultural resources an d rich natural resources, customize for every customer to provide custom-built travel service.

公司自成立以来,凭借先进的旅游理念和良好的口碑,先后多次被网友评为“洛阳最好的旅行社”,被洛阳读者朋友评为“2013洛阳最受读者信赖的旅行社”,被业内友人评为“洛阳最好的地接社”、“欣欣旅游2011-2012年无投诉金牌网店”,成为了中原地区同行业中成长性最强的旅游企业之一,也是洛阳地区首家专注于发展 互联网旅游 的新兴旅游企业。

Since our company establishment, we were vote by local netizens as “The best travel agent”, voted by local reader as “The most reliable travel agency of Luoyang in2013’, voted by same industry friends appraise as” The best local travel services of Luoyang ” ,”the Golden online store shop without complain in the year of 2011-2012 by Xinxin Travel”. Luoyang TiantTian Tour Travel Agent has become into one of the strongest growth in tourism enterprises in the same industry the central plains region, also isLuoyangfirst tourism enterprises which focus on the development of internet tourism .


Luoyang TiantTian Tour Travel Agent will adapt to the market as the leading strategy, innovate as the way to win the competition, always implement the management policy as ‘meeting the demand of customer, operation honestly an d trustworthy, using quality to win the public praise”, we rooted in the pursuit of excellence, advocating quality, strives for perfection, constantly increase investment both in human an d technical aspects continuously, as to make all kinds of tourism products more perfect. With the whole heart service ,careful planning, we are paying attention to the characteristics service an d meeting the demand for business philosophy ,and willing to provide reliable and good-quality comprehensive travel service both for people at home an d abroad, ensure the brand good market reputation an d industry leading position.

洛阳天天旅行社期待着与您携手共进,共创辉煌!我们将为广大游客提供更多更好的旅 游产品、更加专业优质的服务,为我省旅游业发展做出更大的贡献,为美丽的旅游行业赢得更多的掌声与喝彩!

Luoyang TianTian travel Agent looks forward to working with you hand in hand, create brilliance with you! We will provide more an d better travel products , more professional service for the majority of visitors, an d make more contribution to the development of tourism in our province, to win more applause an d cheers for the tourism industry!

电话预约、上门服务、欢迎垂询。 旅游出行到天天, 相识相知永难忘! 我公司全体员工竭诚恭候您的光临!

We offer telephone appointment, door-to-door service, welcome to our company inquire. Once choose TianTian, we will provide you a Unforgettable service. Our company sincerely waiting for your presence!

网址:http://www. 0379gg.com     Website: http://www. 0379gg.com

址: 洛阳市涧西区七里河畅元大厦302

Address:  302 Room in Chang Yuan building of Jian Xi District inLuoyang

旅行社电话:0379-64859100/200   64859400/500

Telephone:  0379-64859100/200   64859400/500

真: 0379-64859100     Tex:  0379-64859100

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